Development, quantity production, complete delivery and field installation of  small and micro hydro power plants
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Hydroelectric Microplants supplied by INSET are reliable, environmental friendly, space saving, quick-repaid sources of power for villages, farms, suburban estates, mills, bakeries, small industries in hard-to-reach, mountain and remote areas, where it is cheaper to purchase and to install a hydroelectric microplant than to contract electric power lines.

The most critical components are manufactured under supervision of our specialists at the “converted” munition-factories of St. Petersburg, using the most advanced technologies.

The water passages and runner blade systems of all turbines are developed using mathematical modelling method. This made it possible to obtain optimum outlines of the elements of water passages and to ensure high efficiencies of the turbine throughout a wide range of heads and outputs. As a rule, hydro units developed by INSET are delivered complete with hydro turbine, generator and automatic control device.

The delivery scope includes: turbine (3), generator (5), automatic control device (6), water input manifold (2) and output sewer (4).


There is a successful operating experience of the above equipment on the cross-head of existing dams, channels, water supply systems and water disposals of the factories and public utilities, sewage works, irrigation systems and drinking water conduits.

The equipment is manufactured in series and is distinguished by high technical-and-performance indices and reasonable prices.

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