Development, quantity production, complete delivery and field installation of  small and micro hydro power plants
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One of the most effective directions of nontraditional energetic development is usage of energy of small water flows by Hydroelectric Microplants (HMP). Hydroelectric Microplants are cheap and effective means of obtaining of the electric power. The cost price of the received electric power does not exceed 1.6 cents per kW/h. The costs of construction HMP pay off within 3-5 years.

HMP does not put a harm of ecology.

The Russian equipment differs by high reliability, low cost and can work in various climatic conditions. The development of effective turbines concerns to the class of high technologies. Many technical solutions in this equipment have the patents and are developed by the scientists.

The equipment of INSET Co. is successfully maintained in many points of the world.

We invite you in more details to study possibilities of our equipment and to take advantage of our services in Hydroelectric Microplants mounting and support.

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